That other girl (ushiramen) wrote in iheartpocky,
That other girl

My boyfriend was over today, and said that he'd never intimately looked at a pocky box.
This provided the perfect opportunity to show off my collection....

Image Hosted by
He decided to cover himself in the boxes...

Image Hosted by

All the boxes lined up and looking pretty =)

I haven't made the trek out to the Pacific Mall (my only source of new flavours) in a year or so, so this collection is grossly out of date, but I wuvs it =3
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Pacific mall? Are you Canadian? *squees and glomps*

Pocky box collections are LOVE.
I sure am =D

Someone really ought to make a colourbar of that, hm? I'm sure more than enough people on this comm will have collections they'd share...
Huzah! (I love the pacific mall... lots of yummy pocky... and buns... and stuff for me to fangirl over.... and..... other stuff.)

Yep... pocky boxes are cool to collect. ^^
you got some good flavors and ones i haven't tried yet :3
Most of the pocky there is great =D I can't speak for the Coconut, though, because I hate coconut in all its forms so a friend donated that box ^^;;
What haven't you tried?
haha i love coconut XD but i think my favorite is strawberry and the white decorer :3.

i haven't tried most of the mousse pocky because you don't ususally see them anywhere around here :\ and the pockyG special (*_*) ?